New Look 6751 – Dress

New Look 6751

New Look 6751

New Look 6751

New Look 6751

I really like this pattern, and after making this one with sleeves from another pattern, I made these. First I made the brown one with the sleeves from view D. Just before completing the dress I just wanted to trim the edges, and I accidentally cut a hole in the bodice. I was furious and mad at my self for being so careless and even more when I found out that I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a new as i used the smaller print section of the fabric. So I had to be creative and ended up cutting the small light brown strips next to band in the middle to cover up the cut.

The sleeves on the stripy one is a short version of view B.


About metteks

I have often been asked, why I don't have a blog as a sew and make so many things. After years of rejecting, I have finally given in and here it is. My name is Mette and I live in the Kolding - Vejle area of Denmark. I work as a schoolteacher, teaching mathematics, science and craft. As many other sewists I have cats, which are keen to help holding down the fabric as I lay out the patterns.

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