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Lekala dress 4112


Lakala dress lekala dress

These two dresses are made from Lekala 4112. I made some minor adjustments to the pattern to getter a better fit. Mostly to make a bit wider.


Lekala 5573 – Blouse


Lekala 5573 is a pattern I bought on line and printed myself before the company began offering patterns made from personal measurements. I had to lengthen the upper front part to accommodate a larger bust.

I had a little piece of fabric and I had to be very creative to get the pattern to fit on the piece. I didn’t have enough for facings, so that I made from another fabric.

I use the blouse, but I don’t have the pattern any longer as I am not that happy with the fit. I usually get compliments when I wear it, though, so maybe it is just myself being to critical. well, too late, the pattern is gone.

Lekala 4254 – Dress

Lekala 4254

Lekala 4254

This dress is made from Lekala pattern 4254. I typed in my measurements on their page, paid, and got an e-mail with the pattern as a pdf.

The fit is a bit tight for me, maybe because I bought the pattern before Christmas, submitting my pre-christmas measurements. Well, I assume it fits again once spring arrives.

I am not pleased with the collar. I cut of half the width as it seemed like a mistake as it was so wide. It is still not convincing. I might cut it off and just do a round neck with a facing. We will see when I start to wear it.